MK: Sporty, Sexy And Always Glam

MK Sporty, sexy and always glam

For now, it’s a girl’s talk because bags, handbags to be exact, is our topic for today! But I’m not driving boys away. To tell you the truth, I’m also welcoming you, guys, here so you’ll know what to give to your mothers, girlfriends or girl friends. Why bags, fashionable bags, rather? Simply, it’s an essential. Choosing the right bag is necessary not just for securing our girly things but also for our posture, especially now that OOTDs are recognized. Okay! I’ll give you a hint – Michael Kors. With MK, you won’t find it hard picking the right bag because all that I am looking for, if not we, is in this name. So let’s start, I guess.

What’s Michael Kors first? It’s very impossible for people not to know, or even heard of his name. Even the people living on the mountains are familiar with it. I know because I’m acquainted with someone living there who’s dreaming of having MK, although they are not pronouncing his name right. Anyway, Michael Kors is the designer of the New York City-based self-titled brand. As everyone knows, MK sells women’s and men’s ready-to-wear bags accessories, jewelries, footwear and fragrances. But today, as I’ve said, we’ll focus more to their bags, sporty, sexy and always glamorous bags all at once as what Michael Kors described them.


camouflage MK bag

camouflage Michael Kors bag

I organized this list from the oldest to newest MK bags I have so, that means, this is the first MK I had. This is actually given by my cousin from abroad. I thank her for introducing MK to me because I enjoyed carrying her gift which made me love the brand. The fabric is soft and light which make it seem breakable for me. But it’s not. It’s rigid, in fact, and big enough to sustain my things. I remember someone told me that it’s sophisticated.


brown and white MK bag

brown and white Michael Kors bag

This originally belongs to my mother but since we share the same stuff on shoes and bags, it doesn’t matter anymore if I claim this as mine. Well, this is my mother’s favorite MK since it knows how to stand. I mean, when it’s placed on a flat surface, it won’t fall together with its handle. Personally, I want this because of its pockets. Little yet essential things has their own place as well as papers that need not to be crumpled.


black holed MK bag

black holed Michael Kors bag

The mature side of me and the immature side of me both agrees that this suits my personality. For my mature side, I admire its flexibility for it doesn’t choose outfits and occasion. I already wore this in school, events, travel, shopping and you won’t believe, PE. Oops! I guess, I crossed to my immature side already. However, for this side of mine, I think the holes are fun to play with. I won’t break it. I’ll just enjoy inserting my fingers when I’m bored.


MK Jet Set Travel Tote Bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote Bag

One of the famous MK bag I’ve seen is this Jet Set Travel Tote Bag. Female students in La Salle have this mostly in colors black and red. Ladies travelling in places I’ve toured have this, too, mostly in similar color. It is the girls’ favorite, I guess. Well, it’s not difficult to like since its size is great for these activities. For travel, I can put a few clothes so I will not bring an extra bag. For school, I found this bag strong enough to carry my notebooks.


MK bag

Michael Kors Bag

I noticed most branded bags having leathers designed with their names. I wonder why. However, for me, it feels proud to be equipping this because there’s no need to inform my friends that I have one of the most desired bags in the world anymore. Kidding aside, the MK chain is enough. Honestly, I love it! Going back to this bag, I adore its chain effects on its strap. It’s like another distinction on their product. I believe many girls will be hooked on it.

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