Monster’s University Movie Review

monster's university movie review

See? I got my ID from Monster’s University! That means that I’m a student and a Scarer. I just got expelled. They said I’m too cute to be one. Kidding! But I guess, If that was true, that’s going to happen, which is the same thing as what Mike Wazowski experienced in the story. Once he set foot in the university, or even after, he was always being bashed by his schoolmates saying that he doesn’t belong to Monster’s University and that he doesn’t look like a monster. For me, yes, he doesn’t look like one that’s why humans in the movie found him cute. But if I’d seen a green moving creature with one eye in real life, I will still be scared. I don’t know what will run in my mind. Is this an alien without his UFO in my room? That will be creepy!

Anyway, despite of his looks, Mike used his haters as encouragement to work harder for his dream of becoming a Scarer. He almost know everything! But with that kind of demeanor, the students, and even the dean, are still not amazed. He, together with his team, OK, proved them wrong by winning the Scare Games, which reminds me of the tournament in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire because of the challenges and all. How did they win? They cheated. The damage they’ve done after that caused expulsion for Mike, and his teammate, Sully.

Honestly, I’m also one of those who don’t believe that OK wouldn’t make it to the Scare Games championship, not because of Mike, but because of his teammates. Though Mike don’t look scary, I believe in his power and in his passion. But his teammates? Gosh! I was hopeless turned hopeful as they survived each game. It seems like I’m with them as I feel the same tension especially on the final round. To add on that, Dean Hardscrabble makes my heart stop. What’s happening to me? I’m not even a monster!

Of course, Mike and Sully wouldn’t give up just like and the director wouldn’t end the movie just like that. Mike and Sully take jobs at Monsters, Inc. in the company mailroom. Over time, they work their way up until they become part of the Scarer Team, establishing the story of Monsters, Inc. I admit I’m not satisfied with the ending. My face was questioning if that was the end or not. It’s just so quick like we, the audience, were on the peak of a roller coaster and we abruptly dropped to the trough, which is the conclusion. After all their effort, it’s only the newspaper that solved problem. Oh well!

Nevertheless, the animation is mesmerizing and the voices aren’t just brilliant, but also clear to the point that I didn’t have to use my headphones when I watched it again in laptop. This prequel is charming, enjoyable to watch for both children and adult, and most of all, has a moral – don’t give up because you can achieve your goal even it is not the way you’ve planned.


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