How To Wear Floral

how to wear floral

Flowers are growing everywhere. As they do it, florals also sprout in every people’s wardrobe. With its fiesty colors, floral patterns never get old in the history of fashion. It chooses no season as it chooses no person. They say, some people find it difficult to wear floral because it looks girlish. But you’re wrong about that. It’s also a trend for boys. Go shopping and you’ll see florals for them. No matter what color or how realistic it is, floral just makes the person wearing it looks fabulous. Let me prove this to you.


Floral Pants

As we can see, floral comes in multiple colors. Look at these colors on your pants. This is important for you to decide what tops you should match to it. Wear a top that’s the same color as one of the hues in the pants. Don’t forget to tuck in your blouse to add glam to this close-knit look.

floral pants

Top: Bench | Belt: Candie’s | Shoes: Keds


Floral Tops

Floral may also appear in only one or two colors like what I wear. Even your floral is not that colorful, it doesn’t mean that your tops may be boring. It is in our hands on how we can brighten our look. Let’s start this simply by matching it with pants. This will make your floral top a daytime appropriate.

floral tops

Pants: Lee


Floral Skirt

Choosing a floral print is also significant here. Both small prints and big prints of flowers look good but I prefer the bigger ones because when you wear larger floral patterns, it blooms as well as you do. Layer your tops with sweater to keep you warm and at the same time, to be a classy chic. Accessorize!

floral skirt

Sweater: SM Woman | Shoes: Parisian


Floral Dress

Floral works with wide range of styles from top to bottom. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do florals from head to toe to look modern at a time. Think about adding plain coats or plain blazers to prevent you from looking over-flowery and instead, create a casual yet cool look.


floral dress


Floral Sleepwear

Don’t let yourselves bloom just for the day. After your long busy day, why not begin your night wearing floral. The market provides pairs of sleepwear and pajamas in floral style, just like I’ve got here. Go on and shop! Perhaps, someone will suddenly visit you during the evening. At least, you’re ready in your feminine outfit.

floral sleepwear


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