Secret Weapons In Removing Stains

secret weapon in removing stains

“With one wash, your clothes will look new again!” To those laundry soaps, laundry powders, laundry detergents and such company who keep on saying this on their advertisements, please stop because your whitening power won’t be able to solve our next level of laundry problems. It’s impossible to remove stains mentioned below with only one wash, and sometimes, with the use of your product only. Actually, we are in need of the stuff we always see in our kitchen to remove undesirable marks on our clothes. Of course, we want to present ourselves with clean and neat garments. However, sometimes we are careless and unaware that stains are becoming clingy, holding tightly to our fabric. If you are experiencing the same scenario, I bet you will find the guide stating the secret weapons in removing stains below really helpful.



removing blood stain

Here’s for the ladies who aren’t conscious of their movements when having a period. I feel you, girls! Well, hydrogen peroxide is the only solution to our consequence. But before that, try soaking first your bottoms, bed sheets or any bloody fabric in warm water, then in hydrogen peroxide. After a few minutes, wash it the usual way.



removing chocolate stain

Chocolate chooses no person. Everyone’s eating them using hand, and after, some, especially the kids, accidentally wipes them on their clothing or towels or such causing it to stain. Shake your worries away because your stained stuff will be saved by vinegar. Soak the stained are on the said liquid and wash it with water and detergent.



removing fruit stain

When pouring juice, extracting and doing any kitchen works which uses fruits, the splashes of its juice are often my problem. And my instinct is to wipe them using a piece of cloth. But how can I remove the fruit stains from the rag? It’s pretty simple. Pour boiling water and apply a paste of baking soda to the stained area. Let it sit for minutes and wash.



removing ink stain

Does your ball pen spew ink while it’s inside of your pocket? Do you or does someone unintentionally trace your clothes with ink? This kind of situation absolutely stresses me out. But remember, there’s always a solution to every complication. Squeeze calamansi or any lime fruit and drop its extract directly to the stained area. Let it stand for twenty minutes and wash.



removing lipstick stain

Honestly, I never had lipstick stains on my clothes but as I make this, I saw my friend wearing clothes that has a lipstick stain on it. I told her about it, but it seems like she doesn’t mind. Instead, she said it’s easy to remove it and dictated the steps. Rub baking soda on the stained area and let it sit for 30 minutes. Brush the powder off and wash. I agree it was easy!



removing mud stain

I remembered when my organization had an obstacle course wherein we have to crawl on a bed of mud. Shocks! I was a mud man after that time and thought of ways on how to remove the stain. And I came out with these steps. One, let it dry. Two, scratch the dried mud out of the fabric. Three, shake them off. And last, wash.



removing oil stain

I hate it when oil stained my clothing because when I wear them, my undergarments are visible. So I chose not to wear them anymore. But I won’t let that happen for a long time so I thought of ways. I remembered Google saying that I should sprinkle cornstarch over the stain and leave for an hour before washing.



removing paint stain

For the sake of this post, I asked the wife of a painter about this since she is more experienced in washing his husbands clothes and removing paint stains. She first suggested paint thinner or turpentine but it’s not commonly in our house, right? She said that rubbing alcohol is the last option. Blot a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol until removed and wash.

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