Nobu Hotel Manila: A Japanese Kind Of Indulgence

As distributors of smart phones in our province, my parents are frequently invited to conventions and product launch events that take place in luxurious hotels in the metro. And as a daughter of my parents, I’m always with them whenever these events happen. Just recently, again, we got an invitation for Vivo dealers’ party. And what’s the best thing about the party? Free hotel accommodation in Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila! What a good way to start my vacay!

Nobu Hotel is one of the three hotels in City of Dreams Manila. It is the one located between Nuwa Hotel and Hyatt Hotel. Named after a Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur, Nobu Hotel features a contemporary Japanese theme matched with simplicity and elegance.

The lobby of Nobu Hotel is not as grand as most luxury hotels we see. It’s longitudinal with entrance facing the casino gate. It looks small because it has dividers separating the reception desk, the waiting area, the tea lounge, the entry to the casino and the elevators. With Japanese-themed murals and furniture, you will really feel the Japanese vibe in here.

Since I’ve also been to Nuwa Hotel before, I can’t help but compare their Deluxe Rooms. There are more complementaries in Nuwa but with Japanese calligraphy art and framed photos, Nobu’s room interior is more attractive. The simplicity and neatness is evident. They have unique design of slippers and soft king-sized bed. Due to softness, it seems like i do not have a pillow underneath my head at all.

Mom’s keen with the unit’s bathroom, especially with the deep wash basin. If only she could take it home, she will. The bathroom, with an open shower area, provides towels and a complete set of toiletries from Natura Bisse. I adore Nobu for being eco-friendly by offering wooden toothbrush and woven laundry bag instead of the plastic ones.

The floor-to-ceiling glass window, which is transluscently gold from the outside,  presents a relaxing panoramic view of the city. Rooms from one side of the hotel are facing the city of Paranaque while the rest of the rooms are overlooking the amenities of City of Dreams. In our case, in both of our rooms in Nobu and Nuwa, we always end up having Roxas Boulevard as our view.

Nobu Restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Nobu Hotels. Known for its fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients, Nobu Restaurant is proclaimed as the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant. It  has the most elegant interior among the hotel buffet restaurants I visited. The Japanese design is flexible to both casual and fine dining.

When it comes to food, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The buffet selection is very limited but they make sure that every dish is scrumptious. They offer mostly Japanese food such as Okonomiyaki, Sushi and Ito Togasarashi. If not, they give a touch of Japanese to the dishes by putting green tea flavors in their pastry, adding Japanese syrup in taho instead of the usual ones and such.

If heavy meals aren’t your thing, you can enjoy your tea in Nobu Tea Lounge or you can chill with your cocktail in Waves located beside Nobu’s swimming pool. I found out that each of the hotel has their own pool and Nobu has the smallest among the three. Nobu pool is surrounded with couchers and giant umbrellas, which are essentials for unwinding, sun bathing or imbibing the tropical view.

Amenities include the City of Dreams garden that are exclusive for Nobu, Hyatt and Nuwa guests. No! It’s not a garden. It’s a paradise! Flowers of different kinds and colors are planted orderly and their beds are landscaped skillfully. The way they take care of the flowers is absolutely admirable. Actually, the lobby and the rooms are decorated with fresh flowers, which I assume, were picked here.

As I said, we were here to attend a party intended for the dealers of Vivo smartphone. At the same time, Vivo launched its latest flagship phone, the Vivo V9. The event was held in the Grand Ballroom located in the mall of City of Dreams so I’m assuming that people who rent the ballroom can check in on any of the three hotels.

Catering up to 500 guests, the grand ballroom is a perfect venue for stylish weddings, gala dinners and corporate events. At the party, we were welcomed by congo drummers and I was surprised that they allow loud sounds in the mall. Its banquet offers Filipino, Chinese and Western menus. The dishes were delicious but I think there’s nothing special with them.

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