Nobu Restaurant: A Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Buffet Breakfast

As distributors of smart phones in our province, my parents are frequently invited to conventions and product launch events that take place in luxurious hotels in the metro. And as a daughter of my parents, I’m always with them whenever these events happen. Just recently, again, we got a free hotel staycation in Nobu Hotel City of Dream Manila for Vivo dealers’ party. How amazing that is! And what’s the best thing about the party? Free Breakfast Buffet in Nobu Restaurant!

Nobu Restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Nobu Hotels around the globe. Known for its fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients, Nobu Restaurant is proclaimed as the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant.

I must say that Nobu Restaurant has the most elegant interior among the hotel buffet restaurants I visited. The Japanese design is flexible to both casual and fine dining. And I’m glad that there is a number of seating options to choose from. There are tables for two, round tables for four and eight, tables secluded in wood panels, tables with couches, bar counter and outdoor cabana.

The buffet selection is very limited but they make sure that every dish is scrumptious. They have miso and congee for soup and rolls and buns for pastries. Breakfast won’t be complete without them, right? But I was quite disappointed. The soft bun is airy. The green tea muffin isn’t fresh but I appreciate the tea flavor in it. The danish, on the other hand, is creamy, fruity and crunchy.

You will see that they singled out pancakes, waffles and toasts into one station. The green tea-flavored pancakes are thick and fluffy while the waffles are soft and moist. They are extra special when topped with their version of compotes. The blueberry syrup is watery but delish. Moreover, I found the mango and ginger makes a good blend for a compote.

Kids and kids at heart, like me, will definitely find joy in this station where bowls of cereals and oats and jars of dried fruits situate. But apart from the plain yogurt, coconut sago, chocolate chia pudding and strawberry parfait, the best part in this area was the Nobu’s version of taho. It’s a Filipino breakfast snack with a Japanese twist.

For the main course, they offer mostly Japanese food such as Okonomiyaki, Nasu with Den Miso and Ito Togasarashi. There’s one Filipino dish here that qualifies their standard and it’s a sausage from Lucban, Quezon. My favorite was the Potato Confit. It isn’t crunchy but it’s full of flavors. Mom who is fond of pancit, liked their Yakisoba. I, who hate cooked veggies, don’t like it that much.

I was delighted to find out that they have a their own station for eggs in different ways. Name how you want your eggs to be cooked and they have it. And if you wish to have an omelet, you can pick which ingredients to fill in. I scooped up scrambled egg that is readily available. It is soft and fluffy but has a bitter taste in it because of the cheese. I ate it with bacon and it made a great difference.

I love salad, especially when the ingredients are screaming with freshness. To add on that, I guess the salad station of Nobu makes a Japanese salad, which is rarely met by my stomach. But I think now is not the time for salads and greens because I want to reserve my tummy to unique and expensive dishes. After all, I can prepare salad at home.

We were one of the first groups to dine in Nobu Restaurant during that morning. This explains why I got to capture every stations with food untouched. This also means that I was able see everything they offer that morning. For the fruits section, they are so generous to provide ten kinds of fruits. Most hotel buffets only have five on their table. And hey! They are all sweet and fresh.

Aside from coffee and hot chocolate, they provide three different colors of juice for drinks. I filled my glass half full so I can have a taste of each of them. I like the fruit punch the most as it tastes mostly like melon. Its sweetness is balanced. The orange juice is tangy maybe because it’s organic while their organic iced tea not the usual one we see. For me, it’s more like a tea bag infused in a cold water.

On the afternoon before this breakfast, we spent our snack in another food place in Nobu, which is Nobu Tea Lounge and I wonder if these two are managed by the same team. I asked because they equally satisfied my palate. I tried their Ensaymada and I must say it was the best I had so far. It has ube inside and a lot of grated cheese outside yet it’s not too sweet and not too cheesy in taste.

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