Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

pitch perfect 2 movie review

After watching Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, we proceeded to another cinema to watch Pitch Perfect 2 to wisely consume our time and vacation. For your information, I was in our province and traveled a 6-hour distance just to see these two on the big screen. But after the show, it took weeks before I realized that both movies have the same name, Becca, as their protagonists. Now, who’s more beautiful? I say that it’s Anna Kendrick because her eyes and all were gorgeous. But if you’d ask me during my review on PSHR, I’ll choose our very own Nadine Lustre. Sorry, I know I shouldn’t compare them because they’re in different ranges. And hello, Ane? We are not talking about beauty here. We’re talking about Pitch Perfect 2 so enough for the PSHR.

From the moment the movie started, I got amazed at once on how they gave sound to the introduction of Universal Studio logo. That idea was brilliant! My amazement never stop until the end, actually, until now. It was obvious that they gave effort on every tracks of their music. Let me mention the mashup they had on their retreat, Back to Basics, because that was the best for me. I would also like to give appreciation to their new version of the cup song, When I’m Gone. During the first Pitch Perfect, I thought that its version can’t be improved anymore since it’s on the top of my heart already. But I was wrong. The new version was better to hear.

Aside from these songs, of course, I will never forget their last songs, Run the World, Where Them Girls At, Lady Marmalade, We Belong, Timber and Flashlight, wherein The Barden Bellas really touched the viewers’ hearts. In the said world contest, Gail and John told us that Manila Envy was the representative of our country. If I were to judge, I’m still thinking if I should be biased. But since the Philippines was just an extra, I’ll go for The Barden Bellas. I prefer Das Sound Machine in terms of choreography. But in terms of the music itself, The Barden Bellas reigns. They showed what’s the real meaning of A cappella and not just that. They also presented an original song with generations of The Barden Bellas singing with them. What a moving performance! Thanks to the lady whom they call legacy, Emily Junk.

At first, I thought what’s gonna be the role of Hailee Steinfeld. Maybe, she’s gonna be the antagonist of the story. Maybe she will ruin The Barden Bellas in their competitions. Or maybe, she will act a little bossy on the institution since she’s a legacy. Good thing I was wrong! She helped The Barden Bellas lift themselves from others, especially to the proud Das Sound Machine. Let me give an evil laugh to them.

Can I go back to the topic about beauty? Sorry. I just can’t help myself to be attracted to Becca. She’s beautiful-er than she is in the first Pitch Perfect. I mean, she’s more beautiful and her talent was cooler than before. Chloe was still pretty while Lilly was still quiet. Stacy was still overly sexual while Jessica still possess leadership but now, with care. I found Cynthia-Rose funny yet cute in dancing. Fat Amy was still fat and has the most hilarious moments in the second Pitch Perfect. Emily is also lovely and tall and has a nice voice. I’m glad that she will lead the next generation of Barden Bellas. I hope there is. Yes, I hope that there will be Pitch Perfect 3. I’ll definitely watch it.

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