Remembering Flames

Remembering Flames

Want to know your relationship between you and your crush? Why don’t we try the process that we used to do when we were young? Remembering the old times, let’s try FLAMES! I know you already know how but for those who don’t remember or really didn’t know, here’s the steps.

1. On a sheet of paper, write your whole name, your crush’s whole name and the word FLAMES.

step 1


2. Look for common letters in your name and cross them out.

step 2


3. Count all the letters that is left.

step 3


4. Proceed to the word flame. With each letter, starting from the left, count up to the number you got in the previous step. Return to the F on the left with each pass.

step 4


5. Remember the letter where you stop. See the word that the letter stands for the acronym FLAMES. The word will be your prediction of you relationship with your crush.

F – friends

L – lovers

A – anger

M – marriage

E – engagement

S- sweetheart

If you’re not contented with the result there are other games with the same mechanics. These are HOPE which stands for hindi, oo, pwede and ewan respectively and CAMEL which means crush, angry, marriage, engagement and love respectively.

But bear in minds that this is just a game. Meaning, this is just for fun or an entertainment. The results are not accurate so we don’t have to rely on this.

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