Shawarma Ni Kulas: Yummy And Sinful

shawarma ni kulas

Known for its amusing yet unconservative menu and concept, Shawarma ni Kulas is one of the most visited food establishments by tourists in a city housed by many restaurants. Honestly, my friends and I have been to Bacolod twice but we’ve been in Shawarma ni Kulas thrice already. With cool ambiance and design, it is indeed a great hangout spot for groups like us. Speaking of the design, let me bring you to one side of the restaurant that will give you a hint on their concept. I want you to take a look on the featured photo above again, but instead of focusing your eyes on me, notice the buntings behind me. Yes! Those are panties. Used panties to be exact!

shawarma ni kulas ambiance

Moreover, our consecutive visits prove that their foods make the customers leave wanting for more in spite of the big serving. As what the owners claim, they’re yummy and sinful in a way that we’re eating blats, pepes, balls, echoses and such. You read that right! To answer your curiosity, let me describe them one by one.


Blat Mu Halog2

shawarma ni kulas blat mu halog2

For those who don’t know what blat is, well, I guess, you wouldn’t want to know. But I’ll give you a clue. It’s something private. However, for Shawarma ni Kulas, you should hide your dirty minds because it’s actually their own version of quesadilla, which is filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and bits of your choice. I can’t imagine how they manage to transform a dish with simple ingredients into a dish that’s full of flavor.


Burrito Safe, Erected and Erupted

shawarma ni kulas burrito safe erected and erupted

I think it’s obvious why it is called burrito safe, erected and erupted. Witty! But focusing on the taste, I must say that it is an epitome of the famous Filipino phrase, “kanin pa lang, ulam na.” which refers to rice serving the job of a viand. However, I regret ordering this during our last visit because it was just me and this huge dish while my friends had their respective huge meals, too. Those who ordered the same thing as mine could hardly finish it because we all felt loathing already.


Burrito Naked

shawarma ni kulas burrito naked

Burrito Naked is similar from Burrito Safe, Erected and Erupted when it comes to taste. But since this is called naked, they change the style of serving. From wrapped burrito, they laid it open, exposing the savory rice filling, which is not a filling anymore. I guess the rice here is less than in the previous one making me wish that I picked this during our last visit instead of the safe, erected and erupted. Maybe, with this one, I wouldn’t endure the disgust I went through.


Cheesy Pepe Ni

shawarma ni kulas cheesy pepe ni

In the Philippines, pepe is another term for blat. And told ya! There’s pepe here but not the pepe you expected. I’m sorry. But if you expected for pepperoni and cheese sandwiched between flour tortillas, then you’re right. Who would have thought of that? Anyways, I’m totally a fan of quesadillas even before so I became an instant fan of cheesy pepe ni even by looking at it. But hello? I can’t do that! A single bite will still not do. I wish I don’t have companions to share this.


Pita Choz

shawarma ni kulas pita choz

I don’t know what echos or chos really means since it is only a Filipino slang. Some say that it is an expression used for jokes. Other translates it to the word whatever. Nevertheless, I hear people alter it to the term used in that stuff you digest and discharge. Of course, we’re not going to buy that. We can produce that on our own. Actually, we bought pita chips drizzled with ground beef, leafy greens, cheese and sauces, as you can see. It’s the most shareable echos I’ve ever seen.


Shawarma Rice

shawarma ni kulas shawarma rice with egg and cheese

For big appetite and strong taste buds on cheese, here comes cheesy and heavy wraps again. Although I don’t have that, I shouldn’t miss the shawarmas of Kulas since it is their specialty. Despite of the fact that I can’t determine the difference between the flavors of their burritos and shawarmas, their texture has something to say and I prefer their shawarma which is more succulent. My friends agreed that their shawarma rice is one of their best.


Shawarma Wrap

shawarma ni kulas shawarma wrap

The bad thing about being too generous in selling shawarmas is the possibility that it will turn from tasteful from distasteful since in one seating, all you are eating is meat. Although there are numerous squash inside it, this vegetable and the shawarma bread are still not enough to catch up the tang of meat. Good thing that there’s unlimited garlic sauce! It twisted the response of my palate on it enabling me finish this. This was my order on our second visit.


Sizzling Shawarma

shawarma ni kulas sizzling shawarma

To tell you the truth, my tongue haven’t had a chance to meet this since it is in the other end of our long table. Fortunately, I captured a photo of it. Based on the appearance, the pitas were as crunchy as the pitas on their other dishes. There’s nothing special about the egg. The beef is less this time. The vegetables do not look appetizing to me. However, these were just my thoughts during the moment it was set on our table. Maybe, I should ask my friends how it was.


Shawarma ni Kulas Menu

shawarma ni kulas menu

To better understand their menu, let me translate the terms used to call their cuisine.

  1. b – bellpepper
  2. blat – beef, lettuce and tomatoes
  3. cheezy/choz – cheese
  4. e – egg
  5. mu – mushroom
  6. pepe/pepe ni – pepperoni
  7. ha – ham

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