Songs Without Words

Songs without words

Music is everyone’s life. In every essay question about music, everyone’s answer is life would be colorless and boring without music, which is true. Our feelings and emotions can relate into it. But there’s one thing I delight with instrumentals. It doesn’t need words to make us feel the same way as the songs – just the melody and it’s perfect and powerful. They just turn my eyes all sweaty, even the blandest series of pictures in my head.


River Flows in you – Yiruma

This seems like a heveanly song. It’s the kind of music that I’ll never get tired to hear. I bet almost everyone agrees with me, right? Aside from the touching melody, it has a meaningful lyrics that almost everyone can relate.


Kiss the Rain – Yiruma

I really admire Yiruma for making soothing and relaxing music and Kiss the Rain is my favorite music of all his products. The melody of this song is too perfect to my ears. It is so powerful that it doesn’t need words to make me feel both sad and happy.


Let’s Assimilate – Sims 3

If you don’t know this music, the shame on you because this is from one of the most popular game in the world – no other than the Sims. When I got addicted on the game, the music never lost in my mind.


Sky Hop – Pou

It’s another song from a game and, again, a shame if you don’t know this. I love every soundtrack, which is played in every minigames in Pou, but this one is the best among all. It seems like you will really enjoy the game if you have this kind of music.


A Look Back – Keith Kennif

Facebook users should know this because it is from their favorite online social networking site. When you try to look back from your past posts and photos, then Facebook will give you A Look Back video. What a great way to show the pictures of FB followers!


Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter

Before I click the play button in Harry Potter DVDs, I am taking time just to finish this instrumental. It is so catchy that it gives me a hint that the movie will be a mixture of fantasy, mystery, thriller and magical packed in a adventure type of movie.


Rise – Safri Duo

When I was in high school, I was part of the group Marian Tribal Dancers. And in our every dance number, we will not miss rise on our remixed music. I just missed the way we culturally dance through the music.


Canon Rock – Johann Pachelbel

What i got here is the original version of Johann Pachelbel. But I find all versions of canon rock played in any instruments, good and enthusiastic. I first discovered this song in Manila Ocean Park with the colorful jellyfishes. It matches!


First Love – Utada Hikaru

How romantic and ultimately touching! This is a common music for a romantic scene, just like in Showtime, when Anne and Vhong are acting in love. The song’s instrumental is just as amazing as the song with the Japanese lyrics.


Talk Dirty – Bottle Boys

Ever since I met the Bottle Boys, the time they joined the Britains Got Talent, I always enjoy the music that they produce. For those who don’t know, they are a group that makes music through bottles by blowing, shaking and hitting it. Amazing, right?

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