Famous Dialogues From American Films

famous dialogues in english films

Let me complete the analogy. If we have Hugot Lines from Pinoy movies, we also have Hugot Lines from English movies. If there’s Unforgettable Lines from Pinoy films, there’s also Unforgettable Lines from English Films. Last time, I made Famous Dialogues from Pinoy movies, but has no counterpart. I won’t let that happen because there to many famous dialogues from English films to name. Ever since film making started, directors and scriptwriters are making movie conversations that will give impact to its viewers making it memorable, memorable to the point that even years and decades and centuries pass, those dialogues will still be remembered and will pass from one generation to another. Speaking of English dialogues, I’ve listed some famous dialogues from English films that stuck to our mind ever since its movie was produced. You will see that there are conversations that I didn’t caught showing in cinemas but I know them. Movies don’t really get old.


Camp Rock

camp rock

We won’t forget how Demi Lovato started her career into singing and acting and how she rocked not just the camp, but also, our world. Joining with her light was Tess, Ella and Margaret – the three friends who popularized the “Whatever, major loser” sign. This group of girls dedicate the sign to people like Mitchie and Caitlyn.


A Night at the Opera

a night in the opera

This is one proof to my statement a while ago – movies never get old. Actually, I just watched the movie years ago in Youtube scene by scene. Despite of it being black and white, it doesn’t change its comedy-being especially when the Marx Brothers are making the scene which includes sanity clause scene. Oh I can’t stop laughing!


The Maltese Falcon

the maltese falcon

Again, I still don’t exist when this film, together with this conversation, first existed in 1941. However, I know this dialogue from The Maltese Falcon. Why not? It includes one of the best lines in cinema. And don’t forget the “huh?” My friends and I laughed on Tom’s reply and on the way he said that.


Lost in Translation

lost in translation

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you. – this quote made me love the conversation between Bob and Charlotte and this 2003 movie as well. This movie was so real. It was much deeper than any typical romantic comedy movie that ditches their marriages at the end to be together.


The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

Who wouldn’t know this well-known consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes? If you’re familiar with him, then I believe that you’re also aware of this scene that he shares with Watson. According to my research, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” is one of the famous quotes of all time and of the famous misquoted phrase as well.


The Fault in our Stars

the fault in our stars

Okay? Okay! It’s now the time for The Fault in our Stars. Okay? Okay! Shocks! Whenever I remember this movie, this conversation is the first thing that comes into my mind. This is just the sweetest part when I read the book and watched the movie. It’s a normal scenario between couples but it feels different with them.


The Wizard of Oz

the wizard of oz

Even though I didn’t caught The Wizard of Oz during its showing time, I got to see its cartoon version so I somehow know the story and heard this dialogue between Dorothy and Glinda. And I agree to their statement about home because as what I’ve said in one of my articles, it’s the Best Place On Earth.


Star Wars

star wars

Everyone was surprised to this revelation by Darth Vader, even my ears were shocked! Star Wars people are so good with twists and this kind of scenes making it a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. Going back to the dialogue itself, even though Darth Vader has his mask on, I can feel his emotions that come out in his voice.

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