The Bet Book Review

the bet book review

I used to read books first before watching it. But today, it’s my first time to go on movies first because by the time when Just The Way You Are is on cinemas, The Bet books weren’t available. And I have to conclude that reading after watching its movie version makes your reading time really wrong. It will make you feel boring because you already know a little about the story. However, I still read the book because as always, movies don’t show the complete details of every scenes. And just what I expected, they’re really different. Unlike what’s in the movie, Drake is Sophia’s first crush, Sophia had her first boyfriend other than Drake, Sophia’s brother is the one who dies, not her mother, and so much more. Almost all the occurrence are contrasting. Is the movie really based on this book? Oh I think, I should let go Just The way you are and proceed to The Bet only. But before I do that, let me first cast my vote for The Bet. Just The Way You Are’s story is so cliche – bets and heartaches after knowing about it. The Bet, on the other hand, quite started with Sophia reversing the bet of the guys. Things get exciting from this point!

Every time I’m reading a Wattpad story, I never let other activities ruin my reading. I just want to be focused on the story until the end. But sorry to say that The Bet didn’t cause me to feel that way. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because there are points in the story that are unimportant. It looks like the author is telling the day by day or perhaps, second by second events. Nevertheless, as I said earlier, the story was getting good when it reached the climax, improved itself in every flip of the page until it got a perfect score in the end. I just noticed that the author don’t want her couple to be apart. Well, they solved their problem as fast and easy as that! It didn’t take a number of chapters for resolution.

Notwithstanding, I still love the story. I can feel myself inside it as what I always feel when I’m reading and as what Sophia do. There are also some points that I found myself laughing. There are some points that I found myself crying. It feels like I’m crazy! I don’t care. I’m reading a wonderful book!

It didn’t just make me fall in love with the book, but with the characters as well, especially to the Taylor Swift love team – Sophia Taylor and Drake Swift. They’re really sweet! I guess if I’m one of the characters surrounding and seeing them, I will find the couple cute together. Sophia is really brave. I bet I can’t do what she did. Andre is funny, huh? I like his sense of humor especially when he pretends that he likes Drake. Driana was also nice. I wish I had a best friend or a twin sister like her. And for Drake, I’m wondering why am I not seeing a hint of being playboy on him? I mean, his descriptions say that he is but he don’t act like one even before he knew and fell in love with Sophia.

I salute the author for having such a great book. Unlike other Filipino Wattpad authors, she’s formal in writing which shows her brilliance. Its formality make it seems like it’s published internationally. But what I love about Kimberly Villanueva the most is that she’s a bookworm. She knows a lot of quotations from other books. Maybe that’s the reason why she is excellent in constructing a new quote that she can claim as hers. Let me end this review by giving you my two favorite quotes from her.

If two people are meant to be together, it doesn’t mean they have to be together right now.


Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to appreciate what you lost.


Isn’t it when you already love someone, you don’t notice how they look anymore after you get to know them? It’s because you don’t just see them anymore. You see who they are inside. And that is love.



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