Wang Fam Movie Review

wang fam movie review

If it wasn’t for Yassi Pressman, whom I look up to when comes to dancing, if it wasn’t for the staff who has been good to me for months, if it wasn’t for the free tickets I got for the premiere night, if it wasn’t for James Reid who was also in the premiere night, if it wasn’t for me, who was part of the cast as classmate of Elenita, Yassi’s character, I wouldn’t watch Wang Fam. But I think these things were destined to happen so I can watch and enjoy my birthday which came about by chance to be the opening day of the movie.

The said horror comedy film revolves around the family of Wang which started with how Malou, a virgin vampire, escaped from his brother, Jok-jok who planned to sacrifice her to the queen of vampires by marrying and turning Boo, a human botanist to a vampire. The two created their own family of vampire which they call the Wang Family or the Wang Fam, for short. Trying to live as humans, they moved to Manila where their neighbors became suspicious of them. Adding to the family’s conflicts were Jok-jok and his fellow vampires who followed them in Manila. The story ended with the Wang family making their neighbors accept their true identity and making them believe that they’re harmless by saving these humans from the Jok-jok.

If I was just a person who wants nothing but to laugh, I would definitely love Wang Fam. The way the actors and actresses portrayed their role were somehow funny. Their names, Malou Wang, Boo Wang, Cala Wang, Vey Wang and Duke Wang, were wittily created. Some lines and scenarios were actually amusing. However, I believe that I’m more than that person now who just wants to laugh. I don’t rate movies only on how entertaining they are because I also want to consider the quality of the story and of the film itself. So if I were to state my opinion about Wang Fam, it would be the other way around.

I didn’t laugh because of the jokes but I laughed because I imagine how corny their jokes were. The humor is immature and shallow which I think only intended for the mass and only made for business because they know that this kind of movies are wanted by most Filipinos. On the other hand, the plot seems like it’s made decades ago without improvements according to the modern times. The scenes sometimes don’t make sense. But it is a Wenn Deramas film. What do we expect? He, himself, knows these critiques, but never consider them in his films. We can’t blame because we all know that this leads him to being a blockbuster director.

ane king on Wang Fam movie

I’m sorry for not being biased because I became part of the show or because Wenn Deramas died recently. Nevertheless, I would like to thank my fellow casts and the staff for this priceless experience. Just like most viewers who watched our movie, we also had fun behind the scenes. As I see the celebrities act through my naked eyes, I can prove to you that they are really great actors and actresses and comedians that are perfect for comedy films. Still, I’m proud to be part of Wang Fam!


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