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Honestly, I’m not into trolls. Hello? Just look at their faces! They look hilarious and scary at the same time. I don’t know and I’m sorry if I’d ask this. Are they really for kids? Maybe, the answer is yes because according to my research, it’s truly in demand for 60s, 70s and 90s kids. I wonder why. However, I wouldn’t ask why it failed in the marketplace in 2005. I already knew in the first place that trolls’ charms aren’t gonna work for generation Z. Well, that’s if they won’t improve how they look.

But now, I guess someone heard my wish because trolls are back with their winning new look as they hug and sing and dance their way to the big screen! DreamWorks Animation has finally created a 3D computer-animated musical comedy film about these dolls. In the movie, they are small creatures who live in an almost perpetual state of happiness. However, unhappy large creatures, called the bergens, discovered that they can feel happy for a moment if they eat a troll. So the plot basically tells how the trolls save themselves from the bergens.

When I watched its trailer, I told myself that this movie is gonna be colorful, magical, wonderful, merry, radiant, enjoyable and things like that. Ooops! Did I just exclaim the same words? Well, it really is. It has good visuals and great animation that can easily attract kids, but sadly, not adults. It makes me think that it’s only dedicated for kids since it has kindergarten humor and story line.  The whole thing is just silly. If I found Inside Out childish, then this is beyond that. Actually, the two flicks are comparable. Both are vivid and both narrates something about emotions. But if I have to give point on which movie moved the audience more, I’ll give it to Inside Out because Trolls lacks on that part.

Turning the film into musical was a great idea. It kept the cinema alive despite of the weak plot. And I’m glad that they’ve chosen brilliant singers for this. Anna Kendrick, who voiced the troll princess, Poppy, never fails to amaze me. She is still the same Anna Kendrick I met in Pitch Perfect, who has a strong and sharp voice. Zooey Deschanel shined in her performance, too, as Bridget, her character, confessed his secret crush on the prince of bergens with the song Hello. And oh! I remember one portion that touched my heart! It was when Justin Timberlake’s voice cleared the cinema as his character, Branch, sang the song True Colors. That was my favorite part! I don’t know what to say. Justin has no idea how impressed I am in his singing skills and with this movie, he just kept on proving himself.

Even though I had this kind of review, Trolls is still something to recommend. I truly enjoyed singing and dancing to the beat with them. If it weren’t for trolls the movie, I wouldn’t know that trolls signify happiness. Shocks! I thought they are for horror or something. And I know it’s not only me who views trolls like that. It’s a good thing that this film is created to change that kind of perception of the millennial kids who didn’t experienced having troll dolls.

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