A Second Chance Movie Review

a second chance movie review


My review on the recent movie, A Second Chance, will all lead to one word – Perfect. If I could just end this movie review with that word, I’ve done this already. But hey, I don’t wanna waste this article with only a word or a paragraph. So let me add this – finally, I found my most favorite local movie! It’s my first time to watch a film twice in cinemas, trying to increase the movie’s income because I badly want it to be the highest grossing Filipino film right up to this moment! And I’m so happy it did!

This just proves that everybody loved it and there’s no need to explain why. Though the movie revolves around a typical love story of a husband and wife and you can say that it is somewhat cliche, we don’t care anymore. The audience don’t have time to judge if it’s cliche or not because we are busy crying as most of us can relate to every scene of the movie. Honestly, I just wanna howl during the entire show if only there’s no people around me. It totally moved me and affected me so much which made me wanna blame someone. But then, I can’t determine who among the characters I should blame because they are both wrong, at the same time, they are both right. Oh this movie makes me crazy! I watched a two-hour long movie yet it feels like 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, forever and ever.

The actors who played the characters, especially Popoy and Basha, are one of the reasons why it is supported by many. If we hear of the John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo tandem, we already assume that the show or movie they are leading will be a big hit. It has been a long time since they last worked together as love team but still, the chemistry is there. I wonder what’s the secret of these two. They’re worth admiring! I guess some of their scenes have no script and impromptu and I can tell that they’re good at it. If I just had my own awards ceremony, I would choose them as my best actors and actress and best love team.

The other characters did a great job as well. However, I have to mention Arci Munoz. A brilliant actress – yes, she is but I think, her acting here wasn’t natural. No, she don’t need to act anymore because her character already fits her personality. In that way, I guess, her performance will come out naturally. Ugh! I hope you get what I’m trying to say but it was just my opinion. I don’t know if the other viewers have the same feedback. Aside from that critic, I noticed that some scenes were captured shakily on purpose. But I want to let the directors know that I’m seated in front due to a huge audience and shaky scenes makes the front viewers’ head ache.

Nevertheless, A Second Chance fans do not have to worry or bash me because these unfavorable opinion of mine won’t destroy how I view the movie. It’s a film by Cathy Garcia-Molina, a director who already proved herself in the Philippine film industry, so it won’t change the fact that it is one of the best. When I finished watching the movie, I expected that it will reach the success of its previous sequel, One More Chance, or more than that. We can remember that One More Chance is one of the most talk-about movies and the hugot film of all time. Now it’s defeated by its sequel. I can’t imagine how high is that! A Second Chance defeated One More Chance. Cathy Garcia-Molina defeated herself. Wow! Just wow! Though it has no hints or possibility right now for doing so, I’m cheering for part three!

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