Barcelona: A Love Untold Movie Review


This is the Kathniel movie we’re all waiting for! After months of non-Kathniel show in cinema, we’ve finally witnessed the movie which showcases the true color and maturity of the two stars, the turning point of their career, the film that will again kick the highest grossing list, the Kathniel and Olivia Lamasan movie collaboration, and of course, the flick with their first on-screen kiss. All these brilliant descriptions being in one film build the mystery. And the movie trailer just increased the curiosity inside me. Missing such flick is like the sun misses the flowers. Oh! Where did that comparison come from? Anyway, my point is that Barcelona: A Love Untold is indeed a must-watch film.

The trailer showed us a miserable Ely who saw an upset Mia whom he thought was his ex-girlfriend, Celine. From this scene, I really got confused. Who is Celine? Why does he called Mia Celine? But unlike most trailers today, Barcelona: A Love Untold’s trailer didn’t gave me an answer, or even a clue. So I ended up having a lot of theories like Mia having an amnesia or Mia escaping away from Ely. But it’s an Olivia Lamasan masterpiece so I don’t think she will let those cliches happen. Instead, she will give it mega twist with surprising revelation. It excites me, which made me pushed my mother to the cinema.

When I finished the movie, I asked myself. Is this really an Olivia Lamasan film? She’s an excellent director but I can’t see it Barcelona: A Love Untold. Yes, the movie is great but compared to her other films, Got 2 Believe, Milan, The Mistress and Starting Over Again, it didn’t reach such beauty. The plot is fresh but I think the story line is a mess because the story don’t know where to focus on. Should it focus on Mia’s life or Ely’s life or the couple’s life? They were all mixed up. The place they’ve chosen, Barcelona, is alluring yet there are parts that are dull to the point that I can nap for a few minutes and I still know what is happening. For me, Crazy Beautiful You still reigns as the best Kathniel movie.

If the flick lacks glamour on the story line, it managed to lift itself up through powerful line. The line “Wag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita. Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako, because that is what I deserve.” was added on the list of hugot lines of 2016 as many people can relate to it. But there’s this another line that caught me. It states “Kung andyan siya, asan ako? Anong lugar naming mga gustong magmahal sayo.” In this scene, Ely was being selfish as he chose his ex-girlfriend who died, Celine, over Mia, who obviously replaced Celine in his heart. This was the time when my tears fell because I could see myself from Kathryn Bernardo’s character.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of love teams including this, but in love with Liza Soberano’s beauty and have a crush on James Reid. However, when it comes to acting, there’s no point comparing Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to their batch mates. They already have proven themselves to a number of flicks and TV series that made them rose to fame. Hence, mature roles are new to them. I must say that there performance was good but not that much because I can still see their style of being tweetums.

The supporting cast really showed that they are expert in what they are doing, just like the Kathniel. But I would like to give Joshua Garcia a special mention and a thumbs up. I was surprised that he could level up with these actors and actresses. He is the comedian in the cast and I love how smooth he interjects his jokes to a romance drama like this. Nevertheless, I view some of the actors with special participation are overacting, or if not, underacting.

What makes it exquisite is Barcelona itself. It’s one of the place I wish to visit someday, especially the unfinished cathedral. But for now, I’ll just let myself be contented on seeing it on the big screen. Thank you Barcelona: A Love Untold for bringing us to Barcelona and giving us a heartfelt movie. Kudos!


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