Labrador Retriever: Lab Of God

Labrador Retriever: Lab Of God

I remember myself looking at Labrador retriever’s photos when I was younger and I always find peace in them, especially when I look at their eyes. I used to pat the labs that work as K9 when I see them in the train stations or malls and I always see the same thing in them. I even said that on my blog post, Pawsome. It felt like the home will be tranquil if we adopt a Lab. But things didn’t happened as expected when we finally had a Labrador retriever. Shocks! I can’t imagine that this meek face is the most active creature in the house. I bet she already ran in all corners of our place. But don’t worry, our baby Lab, we still love you in spite of your high energy.

Labrador retriever has a broad head, thick nose, fairly wide muzzle, proportionally wide neck, medium-sized eyes, brown eye color, black eye rims, pendant-shaped ears. All these made me believe that this breed is very meek. You got me there, Labs! But no matter how pesky they are to the point that figurines and jars are falling off the table, they will still be the most peaceful-looking dog I’ve ever seen. I view them uniquely, most especially when it comes to their colors, which is so pure! Honestly, when afar, I can’t identify if our Lab’s eyes are open or not because of its color’s solidity. Moreover, this pup’s double coat is short, smooth, straight and surprisingly water-resistant. Are these descriptions enough to picture them out? If not, then here’s their photo.

© Dog Time
© Dog Time

Whether you like it or not, you must deal with this mutt’s excessively high energy because you have to take care of them. After all, they protect you from strangers so you must also protect them. It’s just simple, anyway. In actuality, it’s easier to groom Labradors because they have short coats. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t let them have their bath. Their nails are fast-growing so when noticed, it should be trimmed. Provide them proper feeding and clean water at all times to keep them full. Let them run outside to keep them fit. Visit the veterinarian and have them checked to keep them healthy. And lastly, socialize and get along with them to keep them loved. They would love being with you.

I guess, that’s the reason why they’re really energetic. It’s because they want us to play with them, to socialize with them, to be entertained by them and so on. I viewed this because I saw my Lab’s affection, her love, her loyalty and her joy as she mingles with me and the rest of the family. Truly, Labrador is a passionate dog. He doesn’t just know how to play, but he is expert in protecting their beloved masters. This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. They listen to commands and obey their owner. Some of them were treated as K9 because of their intelligence. And their’s a lot more in Labrador Retriever’s character that will surprise you.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this playful protector, Lab!






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