Love By Bayo

Love by Bayo

Whenever I’m in MOA, I always see the Bayo store there since it’s just in front of National Bookstore where I spend most of my time there. But I admit that it never comes to my mind to just visit or window shop inside. It’s like I haven’t given Bayo an opportunity to enter my fashion world, not until I discovered who their newest ambassador was – Janella Salvador! She’s in love by Bayo, as what they say. On her shows, I found her Love by Bayo clothes exquisite that suits the personality of most teens, like Janella and can I say, like me? From then on, I don’t miss my every single MOA visit without grabbing an apparel from Bayo. I wonder why I ignore such beauty before.

By the way, as what says, Love by Bayo is the youthful and charming new brand of Bayo that caters to young women who have fun and trendy styles that celebrates femininity. From its trend-right tops to its oh-so-perfect-fitting denims, you’ll never run out of choices from this brand. Let’s see what they have here.



Bayo Mirya

From the bottom floor, I can’t take my eyes off of this dress displayed in the mezzanine of the Bayo store at MOA. They have colors green and white, but I chose the white one because it’s so pure and at the same time, I already have a number of green dresses at home. Aside from it’s color, I admire how the embroidered designs were rigidly created. It made the dress unique and perfect for a lovely day.


Ode and Amorie

Bayo Ode and Amorie

I can’t believe that Bayo has lots of sweaters to offer and not just that, they also have cute heart designs from knits and buttons which stood their new brand. I can hardly choose among them but at the end, I had this striped sweater that gives me enough warmth during cold days. When I decided to have a knit on knit with this black Bayo shorts, I realized that I have the same thing like Janella Salvador have. You can see it at OOTD: She’s In Love By Bayo.


Ronica and Ellison

Bayo Ellison and Ronica

I know it sounds weird but the first thing that attracted me in this pink and white blouse was its smell. It just smells new even after it was washed for a couple of times. However, my problem with this top is the tiny threads styled intricately that cut easily. Other than that, I like how it covers my body most especially when I matched it with this pink skater skirt. I don’t know what it is called but this is the kind of fabric I want and I’m glad this Bayo skirt have it.


Latricia and Elvie

Bayo Latricia and Elvie

Girly, fab and full of spirit – that’s what I feel every time I wear these two pieces from Love by Bayo. Well, the combination is consist of this pink and white striped blouse that comfortably touches my skin and this denim jeans that follows the shape of my legs because of its ability to be stretched. I love them both for they are so flexible in any events. I can wear it anywhere anytime. If only this pair won’t be smeared, I’d rather choose not to take this out of my body.


Bayo Oceana and Diana

I don’t know why but I’m really charmed to the intricate embroidered designs of Love by Bayo that’s why I have another one here. Upon wearing this and touching its fabric, I can feel that is durably created. I paired this with another comfy Bayo bottoms since it shows flair despite of the simplicity that it carries. Yes, it’s just a plain denim, but I love the way the designer puts the heart shape on its back pocket to break its plainness.


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