How To Make Hazelnut Mocha

how to make hazelnut mocha

In our latest Bacolod trip, this will be the last blog post about food that I’m going to post. But no! I’m not going to feature another food establishment of Bacolod like Felicia’s or Shawarma ni Kulas. Instead, we’ll be making a hazelnut-flavored coffee! How wonderful and inviting and delicious that sounds! But how is Bacolod connected to hazelnut coffee? For what I know, they are mainly producing sugarcane, and not hazelnut. Well, it’s just that the pension house we attended serves us coffee for free every morning. Not just coffee, but hazelnut-flavored coffee! And I must say that that was the best-tasting coffee I’ve ever sipped. So I was inspired into making one although they don’t taste exactly the same. But at least I tried.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes espresso, hazelnut spread, milk and cocoa.

hazelnut mocha step 1


2. Combine a teaspoon of cocoa and three teaspoons of hazelnut spread in a microwave-safe mug or cup. Since I don’t have either of the two, I just placed them on a microwave-safe bowl first.

hazelnut mocha step 2


3. Pour a cup of milk into the cup or the mug or the bowl.

hazelnut mocha step 3


4. Heat the mixture using microwave.

hazelnut mocha step 4


5. While heating, pour the espresso into your favorite mug. This time, I’m sure it’s a mug.

hazelnut mocha step 5


6. After heating, stir the milk mixture to fully blend the ingredients.

hazelnut mocha step 6


7. And pour this onto the coffee.

hazelnut mocha step 7


8. Mix them together.

hazelnut mocha step 8


9. Your Hazelnut Mocha is now done and ready to be drunk.

hazelnut mocha step 9

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