Sweet Tooth Activated In Felicia’s Of Bacolod

sweet tooth activated in felicias of bacolod

Bacolod is the home of the best roasted chicken, locally known as inasal, in town that’s why manokan, a term they used for chicken houses, are all over the place. But seemingly, Negrenses want to specialize almost all kinds of food as eateries of different delicacies pop in their area. Recently, we’ve seen Shawarma ni Kulas and their yummy and sinful sizzles and shawarmas. For a taste of Italy, you’d rather be at Trattoria Uma. If you’re craving for the flavors of Asia, Bacolod is complete with Asian restaurants. For those who have a sweet tooth, tourists are torn between two options. Calea or Felicia’s? FYI, it’s one of the famous rivals in Bacolod when it comes to cakes, pastries and coffees. Let’s catch a glimpse first on the half of this rivalry.

felicias menu

Actually, Felicia’s is not just a pastry cafe but also a steak room. But since our tongues were looking for sweetness, we opted for their pastries. After all, we had finished our lunch in our hotel and we wanted some dessert. But honestly, we didn’t know that they also provide heavy meals until we saw the menu above after dining in. You can’t blame us because the bed of cakes in front of the entrance signifies that they are focusing more on their pastries. And I admit that we’re hooked more into these colorful and delicious beauty, which makes me want to try all of them. But our allowance didn’t allow us to do that so we our group just ordered a few.


Felicia’s Chocolate Cake

felicias chocolate

On a scale with good at the middle, I guess I’ll rate the Felicia’s Chocolate Cake as that. Their chocolate was rich in flavor but the dryness of the bread didn’t allow it to go further that rate. Speaking of their cake’s texture, I remember my friend commented on their cheesecakes, which I did not captured because I’m not a fan. But she said that cheesecakes should be soft and smooth unlike theirs which is hard and almost frozen to the point that a fork can hardly slice it.


Choco Mint

choco mint

I guess, they are having a problem on texture, but not on their Choco Mint. This one’s my order and I chose the right one! The mint flavor was something I could tolerate and enjoy. On the other hand, Felicia’s proved that they are definitely great makers of chocolate. And surprisingly, they complement each other. The whole package was thick and compact like they already put everything in this small bar. Yeah! I call it a bar because it doesn’t appear like a cake.


Ube Ice Cream Cake

ube ice cream cake

Their Ube Ice Cream Cake is something I could recommend for those who have growling tummy and already on the go because the ice cream would melt and we don’t want a liquid cake, of course. However, the amount of coldness was enough to let it stay solid for a moment, not just for a moment of picture-taking, but also for a moment of savoring every spoonful. Am I influenced by the people of the city of smiles already or is it just this cake that makes me beam in every bite?




According to our Negrense friend slash tour guide, Felicia’s ensaymada is a not just a hit in their province but also, it is one of the best in the country. My brain responded with a test. Let me try that and see if this can transform a non-ensaymada lover like me to an ensaymada lover. Well, I’m still not an ensaymada lover, but I claim myself as a Felicia’s Ensaymada lover now. Oh! Why is this paragraph full of the word, ensaymada? I love how it sounds as much as I love how it looks and tastes.


Salted Caramel Sans Rival

salted caramel sans rival

Look at this beauty! The layers of buttercream and meringue with nuts, cashews I guess, were begging us to sink our teeth on them. The salted caramel frosting was shimmering on purpose – to entice us, I think. And shocks! It was working so we bought a slice. I’m glad that their Salted Caramel Sans Rival invited us. Otherwise, we could have missed an exceptional dessert. When we left the pastry cafe, there was another slice alluring us. Ugh! One isn’t just enough.


Chocolate Sans Rival

chocolate sans rival

Yes! One slice of sans rival is not enough for the customers of Felicia’s so we ordered another one which is of different flavor – chocolate this time. It has the sweetness of the chocolate, the creaminess of butter, the crunchiness of the nuts and the crispiness of the meringue as I have expected. All these stuff can be recognized one by one, and at the same time, were well-blended. How did they do that? Apparently, two is still not enough.


Chocolate and Salted Caramel Macarons

chocolate and salted caramel macarons

I don’t have much standard on macarons. As long as it’s chewy in the inside and crispy on the outside, then I’m solved. But Felicia’s macarons were beyond it. I couldn’t exactly explain its wholesomeness. As I write this, I feel its tang touch my taste buds. Am I daydreaming or am I craving? I just badly want to try it again! Sadly, I’m not in Bacolod. We’re having an LDR and it kills me. There’s no such delight here in Manila which is as delectable as this.


Choco Cream Puff

choco cream puff

Their Choco Cream Puff doesn’t look that appetizing. Nevertheless, it retrieved itself on the taste. Did I told you already that Felicia’s is brilliant in creating the chocolate flavor? Did I also mentioned that puffs, called Napoleones, was one of the specialty of Bacolod? This is a puff in another way. Anyway, I’m glad that they thought of combining their expertise in one snack! So if you’re in Bacolod and you’re craving for a sweet yet salty pastry, just like my one friend here, this will leave you satisfied.

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