Six Steps Of Magnum Pleasure

Six Steps Of Magnum Pleasure

Made from creamy ice cream covered with Belgian chocolate, Magnum is one of the ice creams that never failed to give us pleasure when we eat it. Even though it’s expensive, it’s worth it.  In fact, according to the list of 2014 Year End Food Crazes, imported ice creams such as Magnum is included. Why not? No matter what Magnum flavor this ice cream has, it is everyone’s favorite, children or adult, regardless of the age. So yes, we are more than satisfied to a plain Magnum, what more if your Magnum is customized with the toppings, coatings and drizzles of your choice, then it is perfection.

Well, your dream perfection of ice cream is granted because Magnum has a surprise for you! From Paris, Istanbul, Hamburg and London, the Magnum Pleasure Store arrives in Manila to bring pleasure to luxurious life. Located at SM Aura, this cafe lets you create your own Magnum and discover the taste of your own personal pleasure, brought to life by ingredients carefully chosen by their award-winning chefs.

Magnum Pleasure Store offers six simple steps to design your very own Magnum.


Coat it.

coat it

First, customers have to pick out from vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream to be dipped into white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or the limited edition Magnum gold. Dips are still under your choice. So for P100 each, I bought two sticks of Magnum – one vanilla dipped in dark chocolate and one chocolate dipped in milk chocolate. And as I said, this plain Magnum will do. But there are five more steps of pleasure.


Top it.

top it

The toppings are my favorite! Because of wide selection of delicious toppings, I find it difficult to choose. It feels like I want all of these toppings are in my Magnum. But sadly, I only have to choose three, so I had crushed oreos, roasted almonds and potato chips for my first bar and pretzels, chocolate crunch balls and double speculoos cookies for my other one. This combination of toppings seems to be clashing each other and the ice cream, but once you taste it, this will prove you wrong.


Drizzle it.

drizzle it

There are four drizzles to choose from: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or the limited edition Magnum gold. I showered my Magnum bars with white chocolate and milk chocolate. My first choice is the Magnum gold but when I went there, it is already consumed. Maybe it is really in demand. Nevertheless, this completes the Magnum ice cream. It may not be colorful but it’s going to have loads of sweetness and creaminess which truly defines pleasure.


Set it.

set it

For the final touch, the Magnum Manila’s pleasure makers added a chocolate Magnum button, telling proudly that your Magnum is their creation. It is also my honor to have an ice cream made from honest to goodness by them. Speaking of Magnum creations, they are well-known for their desserts, but they serve meals as well. The other time we went there, we ordered the three-way Crostini and I must say that they also do good in foods other than desserts. Each of them get a bit too rich once you’ve eaten a good amount.


Share it.

share it

Here I am, sharing my Magnum Pleasure Store experience with you and saying that you should try designing your own Magnum. Don’t be contented with the taste depending on your imagination while looking at the photos I posted. This is my advice – enter Magnum Manila, now, because, sadly, this cafe will only be open for 12 months. You don’t have to miss the pleasure Magnum gives so make sure to visit before it closes.


Love it.

love it 2


love it 1

I absolutely love it! I already had two and I want another round! All the way from Manila up to SM Aura, we only went there to taste the pleasure Magnum cafe gives. If I just have the time and money, I will visit this cafe everyday and try different kinds of combination of toppings, coatings and drizzles. Magnum, especially my customized Magnum, will forever have a special place in my heart. Five stars for everything – for the unimaginable foods, pleasing place, friendly pleasure makers, everything.


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