2014 food crazes

1. Sweet Spreads

1. cookie butter

Sweet spreads totally clicked last 2014!


2. Imported Ice Cream Brands

© Red Moldogo

© Red Moldogo

Just like Magnum, as good as gold.


3. BFF Fries

© Red Moldogo

© Red Moldogo

Made with love and quality potatoes, now for sharing.


4. Baked Buns


Best served when hot.


5. Cookie Hybrid

5. cookie hybrid

© Janecel Jamig

Cookie Brownie Hybrid, we are crazy for you.


6. Salted Caramel

6. salted caramel

© Janette Pastrana

Yummy flavor that can be frostings on lattes and cupcakes.


7. Make your own Food

© jillcastle.com

© jillcastle.com

This concept in restaurant is all the rage these days.


8. Ramen

© thirstyreader.com

© thirstyreader.com

From last year to this year, this Japanese food has not yet left its place.


9. Macarons

9. macarons

These pastel colored delight with delicate flavors makes it to the list.


10. Pancakes

Pancake House Bringing Home Goodness

Pancakes are everywhere! Pancake House is one of the best that produces them.


© Total Girl