Tree Top Adventure At Subic Bay

A a two-day staycation in Subic Grand Seas Resort won’t be enough without going outside the hotel and discover the beauty of the city. Subic Bay possesses numerous tourist spots that tourists shouldn’t miss when they get here. Therefore, we changed our original itinerary, which only includes Subic Grand Seas Resort, and added Tree Top Adventure on our second day schedule.

As they say, Tree Top Adventure is a must experience tourism destination in Northern Luzon. And by Northern Luzon, we mean Subic and Baguio since they have branches in both towns. They offer a zip line park, specifically signature rides and attractions and team building facilities, that brings its guests all the safety comforts while keeping the thrills by use of their engineering background and expertise. That’s from their website and I fully agree to this claim as I totally enjoyed every second I spent here without worrying if their facilities are safe or not because their staff took care of us a hundred percent.

In their Baguio branch, they have Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer, Superman Ride, Tree Drop, Canopy and Funicular Ride, Trekking and Skywalk. They also have all of these in their Subic branch, except the Funicular Ride and Skywalk but Interactive Freefall is also situated in Subic. My mom and I only rode Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer and Superman Ride since Interactive Freefall isn’t available as of the day, we don’t have time for an hour trekking and we don’t have the guts to fall in their Tree Drop. But still, the day was filled with fun.


Tree Top Adventure will welcome you with this view – healthy trees everywhere, strong bridges and houses clamped into trees and a vibe of a jungle. The feels is indeed a good escape from the city life.
One of the rides Tree Top Adventure offer is Canopy Ride. If you don’t want to be thrilled too much or not a fan of those fast-moving zip lines, then this will be your perfect choice to roam around the jungle while just sitting.
I was trying to show how high I am while riding Canopy Ride but maybe, I failed because aside from the idea that the ground looks near me, it’s seems like I’m featuring my shoes. But I was actually 100 feet above the ground. Thanks Nike for my shoes by the way!
Their Superman Ride was my favorite ride not just in Tree Top Adventure but among all the rides I’ve tried! I admit I was shaking in fear while I was preparing to depart the tower. But I think I left it when I started to fly so freaking fast.
I even promised myself that this is just a one-time experience and will never happen again but while I was soaring, I was mindlessly shouting and asking for more. I was completely delighted making me buy this photo they shot for us.
The last thing we tried was their Silver Surfer. It’s like Superman Ride in a sense that they’re both pulleys suspended on a cable where we are situated and they’re both moving fast as hell.
Maybe, the only difference between the two rides is the fact that we’re standing like we are surfing as the cable also sways to the direction of the motion. It was also amusing but nothing can beat the Superman experience.
I did not try it but I could feel the thrill of Tree Drop as I watched these brave men and women fall freely from a 60-foot-high tree. My mom and I are not as brave as these people so all we could do is to watch and take photos.
Look how high this tree they use for Tree Drop! I was actually waiting for the girl above to fall so I could capture a good shot of her from the ground but sadly, she gave up and didn’t pursue. Suddenly, the tour guides told me, “Ikaw na lang po magtry ng Tree Drop at kami magpipicture sa’yo.” Oh no way!
Few of the best reward when you ventured their zip line adventures are the beautiful and relaxing scenery around Tree Top Adventure. And since the place is located on a part of a mountain, you’ll get to see a side of Subic Bay.
They will be your tour guides slash bodyguards throughout the adventure since they are the ones who will make sure that you will be safe. They actually add to the fun because they share chit chats and jokes with us.
Always remember to buckle up! As I said, Tree Top Adventure stuff are jokers and I remember them say, “Napagutusan lang po kami ipagtali-tali ito.” and “Okay pa ba ito? Mukang isang gamitan na lang ito ah.” Maybe, guests will find this frightening but I found them entertaining.
However, if you can’t leave your phobia in heights and can’t take the zip line even the slow Canopy Ride, you can spend your time trekking. There are people that will guide you around the compound. I admired these people because they really studied the place not just for this activity, but also for situations whenever visitors dropped their stuff while riding the zip lines. So don’t worry if you dropped your phone while riding because they will find it for you.
Moreover, I suggest Tree Top Adventure to be your venue in your team building activities. As you can see, they provide facilities for 12 team games namely, Dragon Boat, Gem Drop, Team Lanyard, Bar Lifter Balancer, Loop Lift, Dance Revo, Team See Saw, Multi-line Traverse, Team Wall, Spike Valley, Team Cycling, Centipede Pedal, ABC Game, Pipeline, Plank Step and Treasure Hunt.
I’m sorry if I keep on telling this but I truly had a pleasurable experience in Tree Top Adventure. There’s nothing bad I can talk about the nature park. Overall, I would Tree Top Adventure five stars out of five plus free recommendations to my friends who will go in Subic and Baguio. And I will surely come back or visit the Baguio branch if I had the chance.

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