Valentine-y Nail Art

Valentine-y Nail Polish

The air is polluted – polluted with love because love is in the air as February fronts the pages of our calendars. Well, my numero uno tip for the girls out there is to become beautiful this month of love, especially the day of your date with your Valentine partner. How to this? Let’s start with our nails. As love fills the air, also let hearts fill our nails. How to do this? Just follow the instructions below. Enjoy!


1. Prepare your nails. Clean it. Trim it. Buff it. Anything you want to do for it get ready for its new look.



2. Paint two coats of red polish or any Valentine-related color you want.



3. Let it dry fully. This is important so that the result won’t be a mess.



4. Provide yourself a small heart-shaped sticker for each of your nails and stick each of it.



5. Paint your nails with black polish and let it dry.



6. Release the heart-shaped sticker carefully.



7. End your nail art with top coat.



8. Enjoy the new Valentine-y look of your nails. Happy Valentines Day!


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