The French Baker: Your Freshness Baker

For me and my mom, it’s always a battle between French Baker and BreadTalk. And even in MOA, I can feel the tension because French Baker is located on the ground floor while BreadTalk is on the second floor right on top of French Baker. Without trying French Baker, my mom argues that BreadTalk is better because of their breads’ freshness, softness and consistency. Well, I agree with this since I proved it myself. On the other hand, French Baker’s breads aren’t that soft because crusty is the right word to describe their breads and generally, French breads. I always responds to my mom that there’s no need to compare the two bakeshop because Singaporean pastries and French pastries are completely different thing inspired by different culture.

Now, let’s focus on your original freshness baker. French Baker is special in its own ways as they offer the freshest, healthiest, and most affordable baked goods ranging from muffins, bars, scones, turnovers, buns, rolls, croissants, Danish pastries, baguettes, sourdoughs and a lineup of healthy breads including whole-wheat, multi-grain, and the 100% Whole Grain Bread. They may be known for their delicious breads but they provide all sorts of French meals, too. I’m thankful that this bakeshop was built for it was able to bring the taste of France here in the Philippines. You know how I love France and their cuisine. With that, let me share my favorites.


Diet Wheat Bread

This Diet Wheat Bread was the one that convinced my mom to believe the bakery’s remarkable quality. This was the first bread she bought in French Baker because she was making a recipe that needs a big loaf. And French Baker was the only place we can think that has it. Well, I can say that it gave justice to what my mom was cooking. It’s delish with and without spread or filling.


Peanut Butter Cookie

A friend of mine also finds French Baker unique as she brings me to the restaurant whenever we are together in a mall that has this branch. Because of her, I discovered that French Baker are selling their items 50% off during closing time. That’s just one proof that they keep their goods fresh everyday. By the way, this Peanut Butter Cookie was my friend’s treat and I keep on coming back for this.


Mocha Walnut Muffin

Our order was complete when this muffin tempted me. I just can’t resist the words mocha and walnut that’s why I ended up buying this muffin. However, I was disappointed to its texture. I should have chosen the blueberry ones thinking that the filling may reduce the dryness of the bread. But setting the texture aside, it’s blissfully yummy.


Chocolate Truffle Slice

As a bakery, I am expecting their cakes to be as great as their breads. Yes, the frosting layers are exceptional and the chocolate slabs are delightful. But like BreadTalk, there’s nothing special on the bread layers making the whole thing plain. It seems like I’ve tasted this already.


French Baker Soup on a Bread Bowl

Let’s proceed to their restaurant side, shall we? For our soup, we ordered French Baker Soup on a Bread Bowl which features their soup of the day. And by the time we dined in, we got chicken and corn soup which was a perfect way to warm our tummies and start our dinner. It’s creamy and rich in flavor while the bread is crusty on the outside and soft in the inside.


Salad Starter

I love the idea of giving their meals a touch of their bakery side for it is what it really is. As you can and will see, their Salad Starter comes with Lavash Wedge, their Creamy Seafood Pasta has French Garlic Toast and their soup and Chicken Ala King are served in a bread bowl. It’s creative, huh. Talking about their Salad Starter, I’m glad that they don’t limit the freshness to breads only.


Creamy Seafood Pasta

For their Pasta section, I already tried two – this Creamy Seafood Pasta and their Fettucini Alla Carbonara. And they are almost the same except their toppings which is seafood for Creamy Seafood Pasta and bacon for Fettucini Alla Carbonara. There’s nothing else. They’re both cheesy and not creamy and there is an ungenerous amount of toppings.


Chicken Ala King

You know I don’t eat chicken so obviously, this isn’t my food but my mom’s. Therefore, I would just judge French Baker’s Chicken Ala King based on what I observed. First, I knew that this one’s scrumptious because first, my mom keeps on telling me that it is. And second, almost all of the tables has this. I guess it’s everyone’s favorite.


Clubhouse Sandwich

And this is my favorite dish in French Baker – Clubhouse Sandwich. No, I’m not biased because I’m really into clubhouse sandwiches. Maybe that’s one but other than that, I can feel that it’s healthy and toothsome at the same time. I like everything about it – the greens, the chips of course, and the sandwich itself.


Mint Lemonade

This is shameful to admit but it is my first time to drink a mint lemonade. It’s not a common thing in my place so I’m quite surprise to read Mint Lemonade in their menu. In my first sip, I can already sense the distinct flavors of mint and lemonade. It didn’t fail to refresh me. I just hope that they also have cucumber lemonade in their menu. For sure, it’ll be a hit.

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