How To Make Strawberry And Hazelnut Yogurt Parfait


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song says. It’s the season where our tables are filled with food, the season where we don’t mind how much we eat, the season where we forget the meaning of diet and the season where we eat all we want! It’s the season to be jolly! Falalalalalalalala! Isn’t it obvious that I’m excited for food? Well yeah! I can’t wait to see my mom’s Stuffed Prawns, my dad’s Mushroom Cream Penne Pasta, my ate’s Strawberry Chocolate Brownies and my kuya’s Macaroni Salad. And what’s my contribution for our Noche Buena? The dessert is on me because I’m going to make Strawberry and Hazelnut Yogurt Parfait. I’m not as selfish as you think so I’m going to share it’s recipe.


1. Prepare the ingredients needed. This includes two containers of small yogurt, Nutella, strawberry jam, whip cream and chopped almonds.



2. In a bowl, mix in one container of yogurt and one and a half tablespoon of Nutella.



3. In a separate bowl, mix in one container of yogurt and one and a half tablespoon of strawberry jam.



4. Melt half tablespoon Nutella using microwave and set aside.



5. Melt half tablespoon strawberry jam using microwave.



6. Let’s get our favorite glass and pour in the Nutella yogurt.



7. Next, pour the molten Nutella on top.



8. Shower in melted strawberry jam.



9. And for the last layer, pour the strawberry yogurt on top.



10. Refrigerate.



11. Top the parfait with whip cream.



12. Garnish it with chopped almonds.



13. Your yogurt parfait is now done and ready to be eaten.


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