How To Wear Knit

Knit is only for winter and fall. Wrong! We just commonly see sweaters made of that fabric because of its ability to keep us warm. But in reality, it’s flexible to any season. During spring, I’ve seen Coachella outfits created with this materials. During summer, I’ve seen knitted swimwears. Basically, knit is anywhere anytime!

Knit is always being compared to crochet and lace. But for your information, although they really seem alike at first look, there are big differences between the three. Knit has loops built on each other in a way that requires multiple active loops to be held on the needles. Crochet is thicker and stronger than knitted fabric, even using the same yarn and same size hook. Lace is a delicate fabric traditionally made of a fine open fabric of cotton or silk through looping, twisting, or knitting. I already showed how I wear crochet and lace on my previous blog posts. Now, it’s time for knits to be featured.


Knitted Dress

Classy meets sexy with a black knitted dress! This clothing piece indeed signifies who I am that’s why this is one of my favorite OOTDs. However, you can spice this look up by layering the dress over a pair of leggings or stockings. You can treat the dress as a top by having fitted jeans if it is hanging above your knees. Or you can add minimal accessories like necklace, belt or scarf. There are so many choices but I prefer to dress it alone with the same color of boots.

Bottom: Bayo | Shoes: Syrup


Knitted Outerwear

The reason why we mistakenly match knits to winters is the invention of these knitted sweaters and outerwears. But I thank this trend because I have something preppy yet stylish to wear in school. Before, I always bring jacket because it’s freezing in our rooms but I realized that I can’t show may fashion side with it. Now, I ditched the jackets, bring sweaters instead, layer it over a button-down shirt or a plaid shirt, let it peek out at the collar and pair it with jeans and shoes.

Top: Lee | Bottom: RRJ | Shoes: Adidas | Bag: Jovanni | Watch: Anne Klein


Knitted Cardigan

But of course, it’s kinda boring if I equip the same thing again and again. I meant the outerwear. But I can wear knit in school repeatedly since the fabric gives coziness. Therefore, with this idea, I’m alternating knitted outerwear and knitted cardigan. And this is one way on how I rock the clothing piece. Even in this fabric, we should keep in mind the guidelines for and print matching. Printed item best suits with plain item while bright-colored item best suits with dark-colored item.

Top: Calliope | Cardigan: Bayo


Knitted Short

Moreover, you should know that knit is not only for tops but it can also be worn for the bottoms. And by bottoms, I mean shorts, like this one, and like leggings, which will be featured next. When it comes to shorts, regardless if it is plain or printed, regardless of what fabric it is made, there are no limitations. Just pair it with your best top that is appropriate to your day’s event and make sure that you feel carefree and chic on your outfit.

Bottom: Bayo | Shoes: MNJ


Knitted Leggings

Yes! You read that right! Knitted leggings are existing! And it’s the most comfortable thing in this world. Just imagine a stretchable warmth covered on your legs. It’s totally the best piece to wear anywhere even in sleep. So I suggest that your closet must have it. In styling your OOTD, my advices on my blogpost, how to wear printed leggings, should still be applied. Crop top blends well with leggings but if you’re conscious on your look, you can opt for a longer top.

Shoes: Parisian | Watch: Anne Klein

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